2G Energy: Clean and efficient CHP Systems

2G Energy Inc., a subsidiary of 2G Energy AG in Germany, is a renowned CHP cogeneration specialist offering best-in-class cogeneration systems for natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, syngas, and hydrogen in the 50 to 2,500 kW power range. 2G Energy is both an engine manufacturer and a complete CHP system packager of both their own engines as well as a select few engine partners. 2G Energy offers the most efficient and reliable energy solutions because of our highly engineered modular design and focus on making the highest quality product with outstanding service. With over 6,500 2G systems installed worldwide, our customers confirm the quality and performance of 2G products and are the backbone of our international success.

Why choose cogeneration?

Cogeneration is The technology of the future! Under the current model, where power generation comes from large power plants, only 33% of primary energy is turned into usable electricity. The other 67% are released into the atmosphere, unused. The energy is lost in heating separate boilers and while the electricity travels through the grid to reach its destination.

Combined Heat and Power systems are becoming increasingly important in the energy sector’s transformation to a decentralized, stable and sustainable power grid.

Combined heat and power (CHP) is an efficient and clean way of generating electric power and thermal energy from a single fuel source. The engine drives the generator, producing electricity, and the residual heat created during this process is recaptured and turned into useful heat.

CHP Applications

CHP offers benefits for many industries such as:

  • CHP for Agricultural Businesses
  • CHP for Airports
  • CHP for Breweries
  • CHP for the Food Industry
  • CHP for Grocery Stores
  • CHP for Landfills
  • CHP for Industry & Manufacturing
  • CHP for Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • CHP for Microgrids
  • CHP for Renewable Natural Gas RNG Facilities

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