Product Description

Industrial Turnkey Biogas Plants

For the recovery of the organic fraction, our in-house developed pre-treatment technology is integrated into the process chain and is a highly effective means of separating the organics from impurities. The result of this treatment is an almost impurity-free organic suspension which is further processed in the anaerobic digestion plant. Biogas is captured and converted into green electricity or biomethane, Bio CNG and Bio LNG.

Our AD process is based on CSTR technology, digesters are equipped with foam and scum layer prevention as well as sediment removal systems. This guarantees a stable process and a continuous biogas production without any downtime.

We also revamp and upgrade biogas facilities facing operational problems, to maximise the plant’s process efficiency and stability, as well as optimising operation costs.

Our Services

We offer the whole scope of a biogas project:

  • Engineering for building permit, environmental permit
  • Basic / detail engineering and design
  • Turn key supply and construction
  • Operation services
  • Revamping

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