AirScience obtains key landfill gas upgrading equipment order

By | 2017-08-28

Press Release: AirScience obtains key landfill gas upgrading equipment order

Montreal, August 8, 2017

DMT Clear Gas Solutions selects AirScience Technologies as supplier of siloxanes removal TSA unit.

On August 8, 2017 AirScience Technologies Inc. received an order from DMT Clear Gas Solutions of Portland, Oregon, for the supply of a thermal swing adsorption system (TSA) for the removal of volatile organic compounds and siloxanes from landfill gas. The system will be installed at a high BTU landfill gas plant in the United States.

The system with a capacity of 1,000 SCFM is similar to the system supplied by AirScience to the Mc Commas Bluff landfill gas upgrading plant in Dallas, Texas (see picture below) which has been operating since its commissioning to the full satisfaction of its operators with an up-time of approximately 96% over the years. That plant is owned and operated by EPP Service Co. the operation arm of Energy Power Partners of Santa Monica, California.

AirScience obtains key landfill gas upgrading equipment order

With almost 30 years of experience DMT Clear Gas Solutions in Portland, Oregon is a market leader in biogas upgrading with membrane technology. DMT has developed a vast amount of biogas treatment technologies. For the key biogas contaminants, DMT can offer one or a combination of technologies to economically manage them.

Air Science is very proud to cooperate with DMT on these projects. Our products and manufacturing processes are designed to minimize environmental impact to your community. Working together with DMT therefore fits perfectly with our company’s mission.

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