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Englobe Solid Waste Management

The Englobe Solid Waste Management service was born from the integration of waste recycling activities of GSI Environment inc. and Biogénie, specialized in site rehabilitation and decontamination. This integration has helped Englobe to become a leader in Quebec in innovative environmental solutions of waste management favouring recycling. More recently, Englobe joined forces with LVM, one of the most important groups in the field of soil, materials and environment in Canada.

With our extensive network of disposal sites and end-user clients, we reclaim over 400,000 tonnes per year of municipal bio-solids, pulp and paper sludge, and waste. Our composting sites produce over 100,000 tonnes per year of high-quality compost and soil for horticultural, municipal and commercial clients. Treatment of fertilizing residual materials (FRM) via composting is another solution we offer to our clients.

We help clients in implementing solutions to ensure compliance of their projects, and the harmonious integration with the environment and communities. The markets that we serve include the government, oil and gas, commercial and industrial, energy, mining, transportation, finance, real estate and legal, and agriculture.


Experience in Marketing Compost

Englobe composts more than 100,000 short tons of organic wastes per year at its centres and markets its value-added products under its new brand: Englobe holds the BNQ Certification 0413-200/2005, # 971 and # 665, a national standard for quality which specifies the physical, chemical and organic characteristics of compost products. Having this certification ensures safety (from impurities, measurement of fecal coliform bacteria and salmonella), efficiency (stability-maturity testing) and profitability (moisture content and organic matter) of the compost. Englobe is experienced in turning this organic materials into plant compost, planting mix, multimix, top soil and multimix grass, and we effectively translate the benefits of our products in various channels.


Experience in Managing Fertilizing Residuals

Englobe offers a complete support service for farmers at every step in the use of fertilizing residuals. Englobe’s product range is designed to help farmers improve crop yield while contributing to the health of crop soil, from an ecological and environmental perspective.

Our products contain fertilizing amendments that are rich in organic matter, with or without liming properties, and are suited to all agronomic needs of farmers.

By using our recycled products, farmers save money by not having to purchase other crop inputs, and improve their soil by enhancing pH and organic matter levels and by using fertilizers customized to suit their needs.


Our Services

  • Turnkey services or services adapted to the needs of solid waste generators and disposal sites, including needs assessment and identifying win-win solutions.
  • Certified solid waste sampling
  • Solid waste characterization
  • Applied engineering for recommended solutions
  • Complete coordination and management of solid waste transportation
  • Crop fertilization, pH remediation, soil structure improvements
  • Agronomic services (agro-environmental recycling plan, authorization certificate, agronomic recommendations, etc.)
  • Technical support for end-user clients (monitoring deliveries, calibration, and monitoring spreading)
  • Development of revegetation plans for degraded sites (pits, quarries, mines, landfills, industrial sites, etc.)
  • Establishment and operation of composting sites
  • Production and sale of compost and soil mixes manufactured at composting sites
  • Collaboration and coordination with government and municipal services to meet regulatory requirements and obtain all necessary permits

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