Product Description

Get the best of both worlds in natural gas purchasing

Maximize Opportunity and Minimize Risk with Price Protection

This solution offers the best of both worlds. Price Protection ensures you never pay more than your capped natural gas price while still allowing you to take advantage of falling prices. You control the amount you’re willing to spend—and never pay more—by selecting a “ceiling” on the NYMEX index. Even better, you have the option to pay and lock in at a lower price if the market falls to your desired price.


Why Choose Price Protection?:

  • Flexibility with a Safety Net:

    If your energy budget is a fixed amount, we can help you manage it with Price Protection. You will feel confident knowing you can capitalize on falling market prices but never pay more than your capped price if the market rises.

  • Set It and Forget It:

    You can trust that your supply price will never be more than you expect. By capping your natural gas price, you can relax knowing that your budget is safe from price spikes and even enjoy the possibility of paying a lower price when the market drops—all with little to no involvement.

  • Easy Conversion to a Fixed Price Contract:

    We make it simple to lock in a fixed price when the market hits an advantageous level. If the market falls to your desired price, Price Protection even lets you lock in that price for the balance of your term.

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