Product Description

A strategy with no surprises

Lock in a Competitive Fixed Price for Your Natural Gas

Gain predictability in your monthly and yearly energy spending and remove the risk of rising prices from the equation with our Fixed Price solution. With this solution, you receive a competitive fixed price per dekatherm (Dth) for the length of your contract, allowing you to plan your natural gas consumption and budget with confidence.

Why Our Customers Choose a Fixed Price Strategy:

  • Greater Budget Control:

    The natural gas market moves just like any other commodity market. With a fixed price contract, you minimize the risk of price volatility by securing an energy supply price for the length of your contract.

  • Long-term Stability:

    Direct Energy Business offers contract lengths up to three years, which allows you to gain budget security for the future of your enterprise.

  • Competitive Pricing:

    Direct Energy Business gives you access to some of the most competitive prices available. And, we can help you time your natural gas purchases with pricing cycles that meet your objectives.

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