Product Description

Veolia’s Exelys: an innovative and complete sludge reduction solution

By coupling the thermal hydrolysis and the anaerobic digestion, Exelys offers better performance than a conventional digestion and optimizes sludge treatment by producing:

  • 5 to 35% less dry matter
  • 30 to 50% more biogas
  • No odours
  • A pasteurised digestate, for control over the sanitation hazards and safe agricultural reuse.

Exelys handles all kinds of organic, industrial or municipal sludge and can also handle grease.


Features and benefits

Exelys works continuously 24 hour a day and has a simplified operation and maintenance, with a limited footprint.

This process allows:

  • Reduced digester related investment for new installations
  • Reduced operating costs:

o Less sludge to dispose
o At existing installations, the digestion capacity can be increased by handling new inputs.

  • Income is generated from:

o Either processing external inputs through co-digestion
o Either selling the energy produced by co-generation or producing bio-methane

Exelys is a solution that guarantees energy and environmental performance, thanks to:

  • Conversion into “green” electricity via co-generation
  • Bio-methane production (for injection into the network or as fuel)
  • Low steam consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Many possibilities for using biogas: with external input (co-digestion), energy self-sufficiency or even a positive energy footprint may be achieved by the plant.

Exelys combines with other Veolia sludge treatment processes such as Athos (hydrothermal oxidation), Pyrofluid™ (incineration), BioCon (thermal drying), Solia (solar drying) and completes them to offer even more sustainable solutions.

The Exelys process

Veolia - the Exelys process

Continuous thermal hydrolysis operating 24 hours a day with feed and removal levels that are adjustable in real time, Exelys™ operates under controlled temperature (165°C), pressure (9 bar) and duration time (approximately 30 minutes) conditions.

The system is controlled by a PLC that modulates the steam flow rate in line with the amount of sludge injected.



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