Product Description

AgriNGV: BioCNG Production/ Distribution Unit

The AgriNGV Biométhane-Box process is an economical BioCNG production and distribution unit intended to biogas producers (agricultural, industrial or territorial anaerobic digestions). The unit values in situ or locally the production overage intended to cogeneration, allowing a captive vehicle fleet alimentation (light vehicles, agricultural machines…) in substitution to fossil fuel.

The result of two years of Research & Development, Biométhane-Box combines 2 patents registered by Prodeval.



Fossil fuel substitution (off-road diesel and/or gas) by a renewable energy from waste

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the valorization of surplus biogas
currently destroyed in flaring and the production of a fuel emitting less than 5 g eq CO2 per kilometer.

Fuel supply chains carbon footprint reduction in rural area.

Unit’s automatic start and stop during the vehicle’s tank refilling.

Biométhane-Box perfectly fits in on existing anaerobic digestion units without disturbing the operation.

BioCNG continuous compliance monitoring (ISO 16923 standard)

Technologically and economically adapted solution to a small vehicles fleet nearby an anaerobic digestion.


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