Product Description

Transport modules for compressed gases

X-STORE® Mobile Pipeline® solutions

Our X-STORE® Mobile Pipeline® modules are among the most efficient systems worldwide for the storage and transportation of compressed gases. They are used to transport CNG, biomethane or hydrogen from mother to daughter stations as well as to off-grid industrial customers. The super lightweight containers equipped with all-composite cylinders have a payload that is three times larger compared to conventional steel transport units. They have full ADR approval and are available in lengths from 10 ft to 53 ft, with a maximum nominal capacity of approximately 13,250 Nm3 of gas (approx. 10 tons of CNG) –  the largest transport capacity worldwide.

The modules are manufactured in a container-type construction, and comply with international safety standards for maritime containers. They are mounted on a conventional ISO standard chassis, which offers significant advantages when service and maintenance work is required on the module or the chassis. Our lightweight design high-pressure vessels with 250 bar and 300 bar operating pressure are arranged vertically to optimally utilize the container space.

The X-STORE type 4 composite transport system for transporting natural gas (CNG)

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