Product Description

Your Mobile Pipeline®

Hexagon Lincoln’s TITAN® line is ideal for businesses that require a large consumption of gas at a high flow rate, but are not currently served by pipeline. Our modules and trailers essentially become your mobile pipeline, delivering large quantities of gas efficiently and cost-effectively from a mother station to your location. Industrial consumers or vehicle filling stations no longer need to wait for a real pipeline to be built before switching to natural gas.


  • The TITAN® 40 ft Module is a 40 ft ISO 1496 certified shipping container that contains four TITAN® tanks, weighs only 34,613 lb / 15,700 kg unpressurized, and can be transported via rail, truck or ship.
  • The TITAN® 40 ft XL Trailer configuration allows for the addition of a 30 ft TITAN® cylinder and optional additional TUFFSHELL® tanks to maximize onboard storage capabilities. The lightweight trailer ensures high weight efficiency and enables tandem operation.


Superior Tanks

  • Carbon filaments perform with high strength and zero fatigue
  • Polymer liner is corrosion free
  • Large manifolds and tube diameters support high gas flow
  • Mounted to allow for growth of the tank during pressurization cycle
  • Designed to be low maintenance and to reduce reinspection costs

Superior Plumbing

  • Neck mounted carbon steel boss interfaces
  • Components safely incorporated directly into the frame
  • No welded plumbing connections
  • Single-point fill/discharge manifold with up to four receptacles
  • Designed for a singular fueling and defueling manifold location
  • Fixed end with interconnect plumbing
  • Sliding end with proprietary radial bearing design
  • Quarter-turn manual shut-off valves at each cylinder
  • Optional cascade design for operation with mobile compressor stations


Superior Safety

TITAN® modules and trailers come equipped with a state-of-the-art fire protection system. If the ambient temperature surrounding the tanks reaches 230 F/110 C, the tank contents will be released to the top of the module and vented into the atmosphere.


Inspections & Service

TITAN® tanks are designed and tested in accordance with the American Bureau of Shipping Standard (ABS) ABSHOU557163 and fulfill the requirements of DOT by special permit. National regulations may require periodic reinspection. If not specified , Hexagon recommends performing periodic reinspection to ISO 11439:2000 with visual inspection every 36 months according to ISO19078 where applicable and in line with our inspection manual. Our systems are designed and built to be maintenance free over their services life. They may require reinspection and service after accidents or other unscheduled events.

TITAN® Specifications: Module and Trailer

 TITAN® Module and Trailer


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