Product Description

EBI CNG Refuel Station

The EBI CNG Refuel Station is a turnkey solution to make compressed natural gas (CNG) available as a transportation fuel to the public.

Since November 2013, EBI has been building a network of public CNG refuelling stations over the province of Quebec in Canada.


Choose an ecological and logical fuel!

When you choose EBI natural gas for vehicles, you are selecting a renewable and environmentally responsible natural gas that is also 100% made in Quebec.



A network of public stations

Now 3 existing stations!

Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, EBI CNG refuelling stations are easily accessible and allow you to fill up quickly and hassle-free.

The first two stations are located in Montreal and Berthierville, the third one opened in Joliette.




 Accessible by any type of natural gas vehicle

If you own or rent a car, a mid-size truck or a full-size truck running on natural gas, the EBI CNG refuel stations are adapted to any type of compressed natural gas vehicles.

Fueling contracts

Fueling contracts are also available, which provide you with access to one or more corporate cards and our fuel management report service broken down by vehicle and/or driver.


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