Product Description

CN’Green: NGV and BioNGV refuelling stations that are modular and compact, integrated in container

CN’Green® is an innovative concept of modular “all-in-one” public CNG station integrated in a single container/shelter which serves as an enclosure for all material and equipment, support for distribution terminals and the terminal payment, mechanical protection and vehicle circulation block.

This integration allows a reduction:

  • infrastructure and site development costs
  • safety distances and installation constraints
  • production costs and times
  • assembly, installation and commissioning times and costs (all assembly and tests being carried out in the workshop)

The CN’Green® offer constitutes a transitional solution in the deployment of the NGV/bioGNV public stations national network.


Benefits of CN’Green

  • Compactness and decrease of the infrastructures to be created
  • Transitory solution during the creation phase of the CNG vehicle fleet before setting up definitive refueling infrastructures
  • Modularity and scalability

Prodeval-CN’Green solution


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