Product Description

Custom & Scalable CNG Stations by ComTech Energy

ComTech, the largest Canadian-based developer of CNG infrastructure, has designed, built and maintained natural gas fuelling stations across Canada. They offer comprehensive turn-key solutions, including design, permitting, equipment procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance.


Why chose CNG?

With a growing number of alternative fuel choices, natural gas is becoming the leading fuel of choice for heavy-duty fleets. Our domestic and abundant supply of natural gas provides the opportunity to lower and stabilize your fuel costs while reducing your carbon footprint.


Benefits of CNG

  • Operational Costs Savings

CNG is more economical than diesel and removes the need for emission controls (no engine shutdowns, no DEF, no diesel particulate filters and no downtime).


  • Cleaner Burning Fuel

We focus on sustainability and the environment, this is the driving force behind what we do. When compared to diesel, CNG trucks reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25% and up to 90% less particulate emissions.


  • Price Stability

The abundant supply of domestic natural gas has effectively insulated CNG pricing from geopolitics and thus ensuring a higher degree of price stability.


Types of stations

ComTech Energy: CNG stations - Time fill

  • Time Fill

Time fill stations are used for “return to base” fleets and vehicles fill up while they are parked overnight.

ComTech-CNG Stations - Fast fill

  • Fast Fill

Fast fill stations are used when fleet vehicles arrive at various times throughout the day and need to fill up quickly. Drivers at a fast fill CNG station experience similar fill times as a diesel station.


  • Public VS Private

Fleet owners have the option to invest in their own private CNG station or allow third-party access, creating an additional source of revenue.


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