Product Description

The BioCNG™ system uses a patent-pending biogas conditioning system to economically produce biogas-based fuel to power CNG vehicles. BioCNG™ easily adapts to smaller-scale biogas-to-CNG alternative vehicle fuel projects. The economics of past small scale systems had often proved unfavorable, primarily because of the large capital and operating expense associated with cleaning and conditioning the biogas. BioCNG™, with its simple modular design, has been able to address these issues and produce a low cost RNG vehicle fuel.

BioCNG has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) prestigious Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP) Project of the Year Award for innovative technology.


BioCNG™ Conditioning and Fueling System

BioCNG system scheme

BioCNG, LLC offers various standard sized units that produce up to 2,400 GGE per day. Multiple units can be installed for larger projects and higher production rates.

The primary BioCNG™ components include:
• Treatment to remove H2S
• Treatment to remove VOC’s and siloxanes
• Treatment to remove CO2
• Filters to remove particulates
• Chillers to reduce moisture
• System controls, compressors, valves and pressure regulators


BioCNG™ Standard system information

BioCNG™ System Biogas Inlet Flow Fuel Production Small Truck Fleet Large truck Fleet
BioCNG 50 50 scfm 200 – 300 GGE/day 20 – 27 trucks/day 2 – 4 trucks/day
BioCNG 100 100 scfm 375 – 600 GGE/day 38 – 55 trucks/day 5 – 8 trucks/day
BioCNG 200 200 scfm 775 – 1200 GGE/day 77 – 110 trucks/day 11 – 17 trucks/day
BioCNG 400 400 scfm 1500 – 2400 GGE/day 150 – 240 trucks/day 21 – 34 trucks/day


BioCNG™ Reference Projects

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