Product Description

UBE CO₂ Separator for Biogas Upgrading

Less waste for the earth, more energy for the future. UBE membranes GREENIZE us.

UBE Corporation is a Japanese business group with more than 120 years of history. UBE is one of the world´s leading supplier of gas separation membranes with more than 35 years of experience in providing high-performance membranes for several applications. UBE CO2 Separator purifies the biogas, converting it into Biomethane (CH4) and efficiently collecting CO₂.

UBE is constantly updating this technology and its main advantage is the high resistance to H2S, operating up to 30.000ppmv concentrations in inlet gas to membranes without damaging the material. The high chemical, thermal and mechanic resistances of UBE polyimide hollow fiber membrane also guarantee a long life. The excellent permeability and selectivity guarantee to UBE CO2 Separator a compact process with low CAPEX and OPEX.

UBE´s CO2 Separator Features:

  • Biomethane purified up to 99,5%
  • High selectivity, methane recovery up to 99,8%
  • Compact < Reduced amount of membranes
  • Low CAPEX & OPEX
  • Long life-time
  • H2S resistance up to 30.000ppmv
  • Resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and fluctuating operating conditions
  • Eco-friendly: water & chemical-free
  • Modular configuration, easy operation & scale-up

CO2 Separator

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