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Bio-Up Small Scale System: get the best from your biogas!

Want to produce Biogas from your manure? If so, this is now more attractive than ever before! After all, Bio-Up Small Scale System makes it possible to convert your Biogas into Green Gas, allowing you to supply gas directly to the natural gas grid. Even small-scale systems are already proving viable on farms with herds of about 200 dairy cows, for example.

In collaboration with CCS, Greenmac has developed a small-scale biogas generation system referred to as Bio-Up.

Although fermentation using a gas engine is a pretty sustainable technology, the efficiency of a gas engine is low. About 35% is converted into electricity, the rest into heat, which can only be reused in limited cases, or not at all. The efficiency of biogas conversion into green gas is much higher: about 90%.

In 2014, a first unit of 20 Nm3/h was commissioned, which will soon be followed by a unit of 60 Nm3/h biogas for conversion into 40 Nm3/h green gas.

Biogas consists mainly of methane, CO2, sulphur and water. In order to convert biogas into Green Gas, the CO2, sulphur and water must be removed. The bio up is provided with the innovative LP Cooab technology. The installation has a low electrical consumption because the CO2 will be removed at atmospheric pressure. To compress the biogas or the CO2 to process pressure is not required. A small blower for injection in the 100 mbarg low pressure gasgrid is sufficient.



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