Product Description

The AxTrap-4001 for H2S removal

This media, produced by AXENS NA and distributed by Sour and Odour Services, is useful for H2S removal as well as lower amounts of light mercaptans/COS that may be present in a wide variety of gasses. This high-capacity media works dependably without oxygen; however some higher levels of oxygen can increase reaction speed and improve sulfur removal capacity.

The AxTrap-4001 reliably performs in “water-saturated” gas. This media can operate if the feed gas is occasionally less than 100% R.H. for short periods of time without the need for adding water to the feed gas.

The AxTrap-4001 will not break down when soaked in water and media life can be extended by brine or water washing/soaking, in place. Spent media can easily be cleaned by a variety of wet/dry methods including vaccuum.


Read the AxTrap-4001 technical sheet for more information!



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