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Despite the growing number of projects, small-scale plants still have limited options. Most available systems are simply not viable for farms, small biogas plants, wastewater treatment plants, etc. Xebec now offers a system that meets the needs of small-scale biogas upgrading plants while still incorporating all of Xebec’s PSA advantages.

Process up to 450 NCMH per unit!


BGX Biostream – The 3 Development Principles:

  • Reliability & Robustness: Xebec’s rotary valve and highly efficient adsorbent technology are what set this system apart from other biogas upgrading solutions. The BGX Biostream immediately responds to any drastic changes in biogas impurity levels without causing any interruptions.
  • Revenue Maximization: The BGX Biostream™ has the lowest life-cycle cost and the best CAPEX/OPEX ratio with a lower power consumption.
  • Simple, Flexible & Scalable:  The BGX Biostream are modularized, skidded and fully containerized units that are quick and easy to install “Press start and go” mindset, Fully automated processes, Small footprint. Xebec can deliver and install a second PSA into your actual BGX Biostream™ unit as soon as you need it!


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BGX Biostream


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