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Com-Pac Systems’ compact skids reduce costs

Digester biogas, much like LFG earlier on, started with large sites that presented economic viability by virtue of scale.  As large projects became a reality, smaller operations were often excluded from consideration due to the costs of construction, equipment and installation. 

High startup costs can be exacerbated not only by size, but by location, funding vagaries and the value of renewable energy.  When a large US developer faced this problem, they turned to Com-Pac Systems, Inc. (CPSI) to discuss solutions.

CPSI has been involved in renewable energy since the mid ‘70s and has also had extensive experience in conventional gas processing supplying skid mounted systems for the world’s toughest gas streams.  It didn’t take much discussion to realize that the rich history of building innovative, rugged, multipurpose skid mounted modular systems was the path to solving cost problems.

Com-Pac’s systems have a history of success in the worst climates, most remote areas and toughest gas streams.  That requires rigorous structural integrity, careful component selection and design for unexpected variations in conditions.

Working through early designs, it became evident that the more elements of biogas processing included on a skid, the more conventional startup costs disappeared.  A compact systems approach is near that will present economic feasibility to a new segment of renewable energy development.

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