Product Description

anessa AD•O is a dynamic software solution for analyzing the operation of anaerobic digestion plants. This software product enables the facility owners to find the optimal feedstock input recipes based on the quantity, type and availability of feedstocks, operating process conditions, and optimization criteria. When encountering changes in waste availability, quantity and quality, operators can re-simulate the problem to obtain the most up-to-date results for the plant. This software solution provides the following analysis:

  • feedstock recipe generation
  • financial analysis
  • process optimization
  • process simulation

anessa AD•O can be used along with assessment software solution, anessa, to re-assess an operating plant when considering a plant retrofit – this can be highly beneficial to unlock different sources of income and processing more waste feedstocks.



  • Operation: anessa AD•O provides analytics and intelligence to dynamically simulate and optimize biogas plants in order to maximize the process output. It provides the user with optimal recipes based on the feedstock quantities, availabilities and other important parameters.
  • Comprehensive results: anessa AD•O generates comprehensive results and reports using interconnected databases. The result provides the client with validated recipes to operate the plant in less time at significantly less cost.
  • Intelligent Information: The software brings advanced intelligence using AI in operation of the plants. It will help to make an informative decision for the operation of biogas plants.
  • Simulations: The software solution allows the user to simulate the operation of the plant before and after the construction. The simulation provides controls for all factors to consider and their impacts on the operation of the plant.
  • Efficiency: This software solution increases the efficiency and profitability of the plants without any new physical investment.


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