Product Description

Dorset Air Washers Reduce Ammonia, Dust and Odours

Dorset has an excellent product for cleaning the air used in the drying process. Since 1995, Dorset has built up an excellent reputation in this area. Dorset Air Washers have been certified in various countries, amongst others by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). This experience was necessary for being able to develop special air washers for after the digestate drying process.

Both a production hall placement and a container dryer can be combined with Dorset air washers. With container dryers, the air washing unit can possibly even be installed in the container itself.


How does the air washers work?

The air washers provides you the largest benefits for the long-term: lowest running costs and high user convenience. The principle of biological air cleaning is, that bacteria process the unwanted particles out of the air. Thanks to the construction and design these bacteria perform all the work and do this thoroughly.

The bacteria live in the filter layer. Once the air goes through the filter, the bacteria feed themselves with unwanted particles in the air. By spraying water over the filter layer, the bacteria are moistened and dirt is washed away. The washing water is sprayed several times until the water it is fully saturated.

A water curtain is deployed to remove dust. The air is drawn through a curtain of sprayed water, resulting in dust remaining in the water while the air continues.

Key Selling Points of the air Washers

  • Less chemicals are used during the process, so it is more environmental-friendly
  • Lower running costs
  • More reliable
  • More experienced company – Dorset was the first in 1994 with a biological air cleaner for pig farmers
  • Low maintenance required
  • User friendly


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