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Municipal Wastewater Services: Wastewater Treatment, Biosolids & Energy Recovery

Whether your goals include reuse options or the return of treated water safely back to the environment, our global leadership and experience balance economic practicality, environmental sustainability and operational ease. With so many treatment options available, we work with clients and examine all local regulatory considerations and community attitudes to pinpoint the best solutions for each community.

We’ve provided design for primary, secondary and tertiary treatment; wet-weather flow treatment; effluent reuse; ozonation; ultraviolet disinfection; aerobic and anaerobic digestion; nutrient removal and recovery; and odor/air emissions control. Our team also brings extensive experience in many advanced process options, including biological aerated filters, membrane bioreactor, moving bed biofilm reactor and integrated fixed-film activated sludge.

Our technical specialists deliver planning and development support, as well as stand-alone projects, and we undertake design-build delivery including the program management, construction, procurement, installation and commissioning of new or upgraded treatment facilities. We also supply standard components for the water and wastewater industry serving customers worldwide. An inevitable part of the wastewater process is dealing with biosolids management, which can be a complex, costly problem for utilities.

Black & Veatch has been on the forefront of biosolids management, from public review of regulations through the design and construction of a wide range of treatment facilities. Because our experience includes all types of thickening, dewatering, stabilization, storage and air permitting technologies, as well as final use and disposal strategies, including cogeneration and combined heat and power, we can tailor an advanced biosolids solution to meet your needs.

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