Product Description

Fitec’s self cleaning digester systems include a floor grit cleaner and a sediment separator.

Fitec: Self Cleaning Digester Process Flow


Floor Grit Cleaner


After treatment, many organic wastes still contain compounds, which would deposit at the digester bottom (e. g. stones, sand, bone splinters, glass fragments, eggshells, …). For long-term operation, these sinking contaminants have to be discharged out of the digester regularly. Along with a grit pump and a sediment separator, the FITEC floor grit cleaner meets this requirement reliably.

With the patented geometry of the cleaner arms sinking contaminants can be removed by a discharge outlet in the digester bottom. From there the grit pump pumps the sinking contaminants to the sediment separator.

Fitec - Self cleaning digester - Floor grit cleaner



  • Suitable for digesters without center column up to 18 m in diameter and 20 m height
  • Suitable for operation in Ex-Zone 2
  • Sealing with water cup up to 20 mbar
  • Driven by a planetary gear
  • Power demand: 0.55 kW, 50 Hz


Sediment Separator

Inside the FITEC sediment separator the sand fraction sinks to the ground. The sediment-free supernatant is discharged through a weir back into the digester. A discharge screw discharge screw conveys the sand to a discharge outlet.

Fitec: Self Cleaning Digester - Sediment Separator



  • Maximum sediment content: 4.0 m³
  • Container dimensions (L x W x H): 5.7 m x 1.5 m x 3.6 m
  • Critical parts are made of stainless steel
  • Demand drive motor: 5.5 kW
  • Total weight: approx. 3,200 kg

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