Product Description

AD-20 Portable Digester for Continuous Anaerobic Digestion Testing

The portable digester AD-20 is designed to simulate the process of anaerobic digestion. This 20-liter bioreactor can perform continuous testing by controlling the mixing and the temperature. The AD-20 has multiple uses such as for your R & D projects, school training and simulate the process of the biogas plant.


Multiples Uses

Portable digester AD-20

  • Laboratories

For R & D projects like the development of feedstock recipes for digestion to the optimization of operational parameters.


  • Schools/Training

Excellent training system producing biogas in real time, offers an engaging education experience for students on the best practices of waste management and energy production. The AD-20 can produce up to 5 L of biogas with 1h of operation.


  • Pilot plant

A simulation tool for full scale biogas plant. Assesses the biogas yield of new substrates and evaluates the synergy effect of inputs variation on daily operation of the plant.



The AD-20 portable digester is robust, reliable, and versatile

The AD-20 has many advantages and positive features, such as:

  • Designed and manufactured in Quebec (Canada)
  • Robust, watertight and easy-to-use digester
  • Automated central shaft stirring system with programmable cycles
  • Temperature controlled by thermo-regulated heating system
  • Removable cover and a drain to facilitate maintenance
  • Handles for an easy transport
  • Comes with a Tedlar bag to capture the biogas, a H2S sensor and a user manual.


Technical Details of the AD-20 portable digester

  • Reactor type: CSTR (Continuous operation)
  • Volume: 20L (16L operation)
  • Dimensions: H = 0.5m W = 0.45m
  • Agitation: Variable speed
  • Heating: 10°C to 55°C (Thermo-regulation)
  • Material: Stainless steel 304
  • Control: Agitation cycle, heating
  • Add-ons: pH sensor, ORP sensor, flowmeter
  • Security: Mechanical seal, H2S sensor, grounding


AD-20 portable digester - picture of the model with a beige background AD-20 Portable digester- picture of the propeller

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