Waste to energy market is expected to reach USD 36 billion by 2020

By | 2016-02-17

The Market Research Store released on February 17, 2016 a report about the waste to energy market and its potential explosive growth. The global waste to energy market was around USD 24 billion in 2014 and is foreseen to grow 7.5% annually reaching USD 36 billion by 2020.

The waste to energy market includes thermal and biological treatments that can produce biogas, syngas, and liquid biofuels with waste feedstock. Waste feedstock is recuperated from the municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Anaerobic digestion is the most important waste to energy process for biological treatment and is widely used around the world. This specific sector is growing especially fast in Europe, where the number of anaerobic digestion plants has increased by 15.5% only from 2013 to 2014, as depicted in figure released by the European Biogas Association.

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