Small scale digestion, is it for you? What is the payback?

By | 2015-07-06

A Belgian study about small-scale anaerobic digestion, published in June, answers all these questions. The study presents 5 cases and reveals the major costs associated with these systems, and potential suppliers.

We speak of small scale digestion when :

  • We own most of the biomass (manure, process residues, and others)
  • We are able to use the energy produced as heat, electricity and / or biofuel

It is noteworthy that the majority of cases relate to plants with financial incentives such as :

  • Feed-in tariff (FIT): purchase of renewable electricity
  • Use of renewable energy credit (electricity and heat)
  • and others depending on the region


Small scale digestion cases studies

Example of Small scale digestion - bioelectric

Example of Small scale digester – Bioelectric


Example of Small scale digestion - GreenWatt

Example of Small scale digester – GreenWatt


There were more than 80 small scale digesters in Belgium in 2015.

Complete study : Brochure: Small scale digestion – Case studies in Western Europe

Sources : EBA