Schumann Tanks opens the doors of a new 100% American Company!

By | 2020-02-18

Schumann Tanks, the worldwide reference in the design, production and installation of biodigesters for the treatment of biomass, opens his first office in USA for his 20th anniversary. Schumann Tanks USA is a 100% American based company located in Miami, Florida.

Schumann Tanks aims to offer his European technology and the know-how acquired over more then 20 years of experience to American companies. These companies will benefit from the best of both worlds: the proximity offered by the offices in the USA and the support, know-how and quality of a long-term established partner company.

The goal is to help American companies and governments to participate in global energy transition. Schumann Tanks wants to encourage them to integrate sustainability into their core by developing strategies and building storing solutions.

With the incorporation of Schumann Tanks USA, the order book was already filled with new projects, such as:

  • Installation of anaerobic digesters with vertical mixers for agriculture waste
  • Remodulation of concrete tanks into anaerobic digesters by installing steel roofs on a municipal wastewater treatment plant.
  • Installation of anaerobic digesters and equalization tanks on a wastewater treatment plant

Lucas Rudler, president of Schumann Tanks USA, highlights: “Around 20 worldwide big scale projects every year and more than 70 professionals makes us a very efficient producer of bolted tanks and installations on a global scale.”

Schumann Tanks: a leader in biodigesters industry

Schumann Tanks is a European company established in Germany in 1999. The company has more than 20 years of international experience in the practical application of biogas in large-scale plants. Today, the company accounts for 25% of worldwide biodigester tank sales.

With a presence in 5 continents and executed projects in more than 35 markets, Schumann Tanks is regarded as one of the 5 main players in the global sector. His versatile technology offers a capacity of up to 20.000 m3 (5.3M gallons) in tanks. It is even one of the few companies capable to built and successfully operate digesters of 10.000 m3 (2.65M gallons). Note that the digesters that the company has built in the last 5 years have a total capacity of 2.000.000 m3! (528M gallons)

Schumann Tanks is proud to take part in the production of a truly green energy. As Hans-Peter Schumann, founder and CEO of Schumann Tanks, puts it so well: “Every hour we burn a million tons of oil on the earth. We destroy natural resources and the environment. Profit, power and personal advantage have been the primary values of the industry so far. We need to make a change. Think and do different.”

For more information on Schumann Tanks, please visit the Website of Schumann Tanks.