Pentair and Iren Ambient Create Renewable Energy and Reduce Carbon Footprint of Waste Treatment Plant

By | 2021-11-22

Pentair’s biogas upgrading solutions empower Iren Ambiente’s organic waste treatment plant to reduce fossil fuel emissions and generate additional revenue sources.

London & Dublin, October, 13th, 2021: Haffmans B.V., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pentair Water Process Technology B.V., (“Pentair”), and a leading global provider of sustainable solutions including biogas upgrading technologies, and Iren Ambiente, part of the Iren Group, are pleased to announce their recent collaboration to help Iren Ambiente’s organic waste treatment plant located in Ferrania, Cairo Montenotte, Italy, offset their carbon footprint while generating additional revenue sources through the production of a renewable energy source, biomethane.

In operation since 2016 and recently acquired by Iren Ambient in 2019, the organic waste treatment plant processes municipal waste by turning it into compost for crops and generated biogas as a renewable energy source from the anaerobic digestion of this organic waste.

After a period of expansion works, the plant was reopened at a recent inauguration in the presence of the President of the Liguria Region, Giovanni Toti, and the Mayor of Cairo Montenotte, Paolo Lambertini.

The expansion of the plant has resulted in a doubling of its organic waste treatment capacity from 45 thousand to 80 thousand tons/year, and together with Pentair, the plant has advanced the production of its renewable energy source from biogas to biomethane.

The organic waste treatment plant will produce 6 million cubic meters of biomethane annually, injected as a renewable energy source into the Snam network.

With an inlet processing capacity of 980 Nm3/h, as well as a 99.5% methane recovery efficiency, the Pentair biogas upgrading solution provides the grid with a continuous biomethane flow exceeding 600 Nm3/h.

This is a paramount step forward in helping the Italian government realize its ambitious climate goals, aiming to reach 55% electricity generation from renewables by 2030.

Together, Pentair and Iren Ambiente are helping to enable a circular economy by creating renewable energy for the locality of Savona and Genoa, Italy.

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