Launch of our new website: 7 RNG & biogas tools that will make your life easier

By | 2018-07-31

We are excited to launch our new website and new RNG & biogas tools. Whether you are a project developer or a product or service supplier, these tools and resources will make your life easier. In this ever-changing industry, the players must compete for efficiency and ingenuity to find the right business leads in the right time, to develop economically viable projects meeting the standards or requirements and to develop the network of contacts. Our new tools give you the ability to perform multiple actions, in one place, to move your business to the next level quickly and easily. Thus, you accelerate the development of your project or your company. Here is an overview of the tools and their benefits.


Find in one click all the RNG & biogas tools you need

Our new website now has 2 sections: one for project developers and the other for equipment suppliers. Each of them has been carefully tailored to your specific needs, so a simple click will take you to all the tools and services that are essential for you.


RNG Marketplace: Sell and buy RNG


Buy and sell RNG on one platform 

You want to buy and sell RNG, but finding the right buyer or supplier is a real headache? One of our new biogas tools is our RNG Marketplace platform that allows you to add your RNG buying and selling offers or to find interesting offers for you or your company.

Additionally, the RNG Marketplace helps you connect with suppliers, consultants, marketers and utilities active in the renewable natural gas market. It facilitates RNG transactions on the market.

Check out our new RNG Marketplace platform.


Biogas tools and biogas calculator


Standardize your calculations with conversion tool 

This free calculator allows you to convert biogas energy units for your project. In fact, several countries use different energy values ​​to measure the same elements in the biogas industry, which can sometimes make conversion difficult and requires more reliable results than those obtained with a back-of-the-envelope calculations.

You can calculate the energy values ​​associated with:

  • Energy (GJ, BTU, GWh, etc.)
  • Flow rate (m3 / min., M3 / h, scfm, etc.)
  • Mass (g, kg, ton, etc.)
  • Volume (m3, USGal, liter, etc.)
  • The length (cm, foot, km, etc.)

Use our free biogas unit converter.


Evaluate your biogas project and get useful contacts 

Our Advanced Biogas Report helps developers assess their biogas projects  and get contacts from our industry directory. After filling out the  online form, the developer receives accurate data allowing him to evaluate the feasibility and viability of his project (Go, No Go). He also obtains, in a single report, a personalized list of industry contacts that meets his needs associated with his project.

For more accurate results, we suggest using as much input data as possible, including:

  • feedstock (type of inputs, quantity, availability, etc.)
  • characteristics of the plant (the type of plant and digester used, the planned use of biogas, etc.)
  • price of energy (for electricity, RNG/biomethane, natural gas, etc.)

Get your advanced biogas report for project developers.


Biogas conferences reports and discount on trade shows

Save on tradeshows or read conference reports 

Receive industry conference and tradeshow discounts with BiogasWorld. In the last 12 months, our members and newsletter subscribers saved up to $3,000 USD.

Additionally, BiogasWorld provides conference reports, where you can get a variety of information on a particular event with the list of participating companies and major topics covered. Thus, in this easy and cost effective manner you can virtually participate in the event, update your knowledge of the industry or expand your contact network. It is also an effective way to decide whether or not your company should participate in the next edition of the event.

Get your report on one of the most recent biogas conferences or check out our list of events.


BiogasBids tool


Find business leads 

Biogasbids is the best way for project developers and suppliers to access private, public and even exclusive biogas bids from all over  the world.

Biogas Bids are added daily and typically include:

  • equipment and EPC for  biogas plant
  • biogas upgrading equpement
  • gas holders and gas analyzers
  • feasibility studies for municipal renewable energy plans
  • lab services

Access the BiogasBids platform.


Market Intelligence for biogas industry

Learn more about the biogas or RNG market 

BiogasWorld provides recent news and market intelligence information on the biogas or RNG markets in a specific country or on a new technology. This information can help you if you are planning to expand to another country, need local business partners or need to learn more on standards or incentives in the industry.

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