Progress Manure and Digestate 2018 Conference (IBBK Biogas Conference) Highlights & upcoming events!

By | 2018-10-25

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Thank you!

To everyone for who joined the international conference

“Progress in the treatment and application of manure and digestate products”


IBBK Biogas Conference picture

With around 160 participants, the rows were packed at all times

About the conference

After two jam-packed conference days and an excursion on the third day, we are happy to let you know that our conference “Progress in the treatment and application of manure and digestate products” which took place 16th-18th of October in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany was a great success.

The 500 years old historical building of Neubausaal offered the perfect conditions for this event.

With presentations, company exhibition and lunch area all taking place in the same room, it was very easy for all participants to connect with the speakers, company representatives and other conference visitors.

IBBK Biogas Conference

IBBK’s CEO Michael Köttner during his opening speech

The conference in numbers

– More than 160 individual participants
– Around 30 % international participants
– A total of 16 exhibitors
– 37 individual presentations and keynotes
– More than 50 excursion participants

Conference subjects
– Current state of the art
Experiences from practice
– Latest advances in bioeconomy and sustainability
Promising innovations 
– New research approaches


On the third day of the event, October 18th, about 50 participants joined the excursion to visit a solar digestate drying and pelleting facility.

The second plant showcased a digestate treatment technology which optimally divides the digestate into individual material flows.

The visits were very well received by all partcipants with operators not being shy about sharing their experience.


IBBK Biogas Conference

Some impressions from during the excursion

Conference proceedings

If you are interested in the conference proceedings, we are happy to give you online access to it (no print version available) for only a fraction of the participation fee. The package includes:

  • All presentations of the conference (as released by the speakers)
  • All conference abstracts

If this is interesting for you, please contact us by writing a short request. Just click the button below to get in touch and we’ll send you an offer asap.

Get your access to the proceedings HERE

Missed the fun?

We understand, sometimes you just can’t make it to an event, no matter how interesting the subject. And that’s no problem.

Why? Because there is always another event in the future.

Click below to visit our biogas event schedule for 2019.

P.S.: Our next conference will be called “Progress in Biomethane Mobility“, taking place October 2019, again in Schwäbisch Hall. We will publish more details very soon. Since you are already on the IBBK email list, all you need to is expect an announcement sometime in November.

See IBBK’s schedule HERE