Groundbreaking Lab Testing for Biogas Potential of Spent Mushroom Substrate

By | 2016-12-08

Ag-Grid Energy LLC, based in Kennett Square, PA, working with RCM Digesters, located in Berkeley, CA, has selected the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN®) to perform a set of four Lab Test Studies on Solid Mushroom Substrates (SMS) including Biomethane Potential (BMP) testing.

“We are exploring new ground performing this set of Lab Test Study’s on Solid Mushroom Substrates and were extremely diligent in our search for the right partners to team with. Angela McEliece with RCM Digesters, the staff at Team Biogas® and the designated lab were very professional and easy to work with. The lab tests were performed to our exact specifications and the data provided in the final report was presented in a detailed and easy to understand format. This is a significant first step for our new company. We will certainly use them for future lab tests” said Rashi Akki, Founder and CEO.

About Ag-Grid Energy LLC

Ag-Grid Energy has a vision to convert agricultural and organic waste into renewable energy, compost and support local area practices that lead us towards a sustainable environment. We intend to finance, build, own (jointly), operate the waste to energy conversion facilities in US. Technology focus is Anaerobic Co-digestion.

About Team Biogas® and the ADLTN®

Team Biogas® has brought together a selected group of private, commercial and accredited Universities with an emphasis on Applied Research strategically located in North America. These specially selected Labs are equipped, trained and managed to provide Standard single or Continuous Feed or Custom lab tests meeting customer needs in the areas of Analyses, Elemental Analysis, Bio-solid Packages, Biogas production, pre/post-consumer waste and food production for Anaerobic Digestion.

Team Biogas®, division of Seahold LLC, is focused on supporting sustainability efforts from organics. Reducing greenhouse gases through renewable energy from organics is possible. We distribute industry leading Branded instruments for both, laboratory and production scale research for studying and increasing biogas production.

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You can consult the Press Release “Creating Healthy, Local, And Ecological Food Strategies” on the ADLTN website