FortisBC Behind the First Interprovincial Purchase of Renewable Natural Gas in Canada

By | 2020-08-18

August 18th, 2020 – The BC Utilities Commission approved FortisBC’s request to purchase Renewable Natural Gas from outside of British Columbia (BC), making it the first interprovincial purchase of Renewable Natural Gas in Canada by a natural gas utility. Advancing Renewable Natural Gas is an essential component of FortisBC’s 30BY30 target, which includes having 15 percent of our natural gas be from renewable sources by 2030.

Renewable Natural Gas blends seamlessly with conventional natural gas in existing FortisBC infrastructure. It is injected into our natural gas distribution system, displacing conventional natural gas. As we continue to evaluate such renewable and carbon-neutral energies as Renewable Natural Gas and hydrogen, our infrastructure is key to delivering this energy throughout the province.

FortisBC is committed to advancing Renewable Natural Gas projects here in BC and simultaneously evaluating projects within other provinces in Canada. Greenhouse gases are a global issue and our commitment to a lower carbon future extends outside the borders of our province with our ability to lower global greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing Renewable Natural Gas from outside of the province. An emission reduced elsewhere or even overseas is just as helpful as one reduced locally.

To find more information about FortisBC’s current projects and the value of Renewable Natural Gas, you can read their latest blog article: A little less conversation, a little more (climate) action.

About FortisBC

FortisBC owns and operates approximately 48,200 kilometers of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines and approximately 7,200 kilometers of transmission and distribution power lines. Under their regulated utility operations, FortisBC also owns and operates two liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage facilities and four hydroelectric generating plants. 

FortisBC delivers approximately 21% of the total energy consumed in British Columbia, which is the most energy delivered by any utility in the province. Whether delivering electricity, natural gas or propane, their more than 2,200 employees serve approximately 1.1 million customers in 135 communities.