Come and meet Biogasworld team and members at Americana 2019!

By | 2019-03-19

Montreal, March 19, 2019 – BiogasWorld would like to invite our readers, members, partners and all other stakeholders of the biogas and RNG/biomethane industry to visit BiogasWorld Pavilion 1111 at Americana 2019 in Montreal, Canada, from March 26 to March 28. Come and meet BiogasWorld team as well as BiogasWorld members exhibiting in our Pavilion.

Americana 2019, environmental forum and International trade show for environmental technologies, is a major multi-sector event in the North American environment and clean technologies sector. Organized by Réseau Environnement, it will bring together over 10,000 environmental experts from around the world and offer its participants over 200 conferences. The conferences and activities cover topics that are fully in line with present world events: the circular economy, the sustainable city, innovation and the energy transition.

Diverse expertise gathered at the BiogasWorld pavilion

Nine of our members with extensive expertise in Biogas/RNG industry will exhibit in BiogasWorld Pavilion 1111 showcasing a wide range of products and services ranging from digester tanks to biogas upgrading equipment and sorting organic waste.

Here is the list of these members:

Bahler : Bahler Biogas is a leader in anaerobic digestion equipment in Canada. The company designs, manages the projects, builds the infrastructure, installs and commissions the biogas system.

Xebec :Xebec designs, builds, sells and services pressure swing adsorption gas purifications systems that deliver pipeline grade RNG.  

Bright Biomethane: Bright Biomethane provides biogas upgrading systems for small and large installations.

Paques: Paquesis among the leaders in the biological wastewater and gas treatment.

Wentech Solutions : Wentech offers  a cloud-based software to monitor and operate biogas plants better.

Membrane System Europe : Membrane System Europe is specialized in supplying double membrane roofs.

Balmoral Tanks : Balmoral Tanks is the leader in the manufacture of tanks for anaerobic digestion and biogas.

Optibag :  Optibag is a supplier for optical sorting technology for source-separated household waste.

Drycake : Drycake provides engineering services and turnkey systems for biogas, such as decanters, centrifuges and more.


If you would like to schedule a meeting with BiogasWorld or any of our members, please use Americana 2019 app (available for free at App store) or contact us at