Biogas optimisation trial – A new and limited public offer to all Biogas producers

By | 2022-06-01

BioGAS+ is a ready to use additive which optimises BioGas production, improves biomass, restores and rescues biodigesters and increases the production of Methane (CH4) without the danger of overdosing or harming the resident microbiota. 

Biogas optimisation trial

Aegle technology SL is offering to partner with three (3) BioGas producers to undertake case studies of BioGas optimisation using our BioGAS+ additive.

Aegle technology will provide:

  • Samples of our BioGAS+ product free for initial trials (up to an agreed maximum amount depending on your requirements)
  • Direct access to our team of scientific experts to support the calculation of suitable dosage and optimisation of the outcomes

Biogas producers will perform trials of BioGAS+ with their own equipment and provide:

  • The infrastructure and resources required to undertake the trial
  • Access to any data generated during the trial

Expected outcomes of the trial:

  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of BioGAS+
  • Optimisation of dosage (amount and frequency) and BioGAS+ composition

For more information on BioGAS+ optimisation trial proposal, please contact us directly at: