Biogas development in New Brunswick

By | 2015-06-04

The craze for biogas development in New Brunswick was being felt in Edmundston, last week at the Atlantic Biorefinery conference. The main actors in the biogas industry in NB gathered to present their solution and expertise to the environmental  stakeholders of municipalities and indutries.

A technical visit was organized in order to learn more from winning synergies that increase the success of biogas. The two biogas plants in NB were visited, Laforge Bioenvironmental plant and the CCNB pilot plant. Laforge biogas plant is a 1 500 m³ CSTR digester combined with a lagoon-style digester of 12 000 m³ producing 1.5 MW of electrical power. The CCNB pilot plant has a 4 m³ operational volume and is designed to test and optimize the feeding recipe of full scale biogas plants. (See photos)

This conference allowed representatives of large cities and industries in NB to learn and understand better the management of organic waste and to better understand the biogas sector.

In addition to biogas, Atlantic Biorefinery conference presented solutions and products in wood and agricultural biomass as well as achievements in the biorefinery community.

Biogas development is still at its beginning in NB. Howerever, the interest of the cities and industries reveal a potential development of this industry in the coming years.

biogas Digester in New Brunswick

Laforge bioenvironmental – 1500 m3 – CSTR – Digester

12 000m3 - Lagoon - Biogas Digester in New Brunswick

Laforge bioenvironmental – 12 000 m3 – Lagoon – Digester

LaForge - CHP in New Brunswick

Laforge bioenvironmental – CHP

4m3 - Small Scale - Biogas Digester in New Brunswick

Eric Camirand – Electrigaz president

Small Scale - Biogas Digester in New Brunswick

CCNB – 4 m3 – Small Scale – Digester