+17 experienced biogas/biomethane equipment suppliers and service providers you should consider for your project

By | 2020-10-27

What biogas and biomethane equipment suppliers and service providers to choose for your project? Whether you are developing a new project or looking to find ways to improve the performance of an existing one, this is probably a question you are asking yourself. Here are 17 experienced suppliers with a proven track record and examples of their key projects.

You assessed the feasibility of your project, the quantity and composition of your feedstock, planned the processes you will need to treat them, amongst other things? You probably now know what equipment or services you will need for your project.

Find the right biogas/biomethane equipment supplier or service providers

There are many companies active on the market, located all over the world. The companies all offer unique equipment and services in the biogas and biomethane industry. This is why it is important that you know the specifications of your project, your needs and your budget.

Afterward, it will be easier for you to do advanced research at the market to find the best supplier or service providers. For example, you can find information about the kind of products and services available and their technical specifications to verify if they could be a good fit for your project. Moreover, reading about successful projects will give you a good idea of concrete applications for their equipment or services and if they would meet your needs.

To help you find information, here is a glimpse into successful projects by proven biogas or biomethane equipment suppliers and service providers.

Examples of successful projects by suppliers

Biogas Systems

Several of our members offer complete biogas systems, such as the following.

Rialto Bioenergy Facility – Anaergia

Picture of the Rialto Bioenergy Facility by Anaergia - Biogas equipment suppliers - Biogas Systems
  • Located in Rialto, California, USA
  • Largest organic waste digester facility in North America
  • Biogas system Is designed, built, owned, operated, and financed by Anaergia



Métha Vie Project – Naskeo Environnement

Picture of the Métha Vie project by Naskeo - Biogas Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Systems
  • Located in France
  • Territorial project owned by a group of farmers
  • Mix of feedstocks: 70% of animal manure, 30% of other organic wastes, used water or wastewater treatment sludge


The Be’erot Yitzhak Plant – SGTech

Picture of the Be'erot Yitzhak Plant by SGTech - Biogas Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Systems
  • Located in Kibbutz Be’erot Yitzhak, Israel
  • 30% higher clean energy production and +90% nitrogen removal
  • Approach feasible even for medium-sized farms



O-PARK1 Waste Treatment – Suez

Picture of the O-Park1 Waste Treatment by Suez - Biogas Equipment Suppliers -Biogas Systems
  • Located in Hong Kong, China
  • First food waste treatment facility in Hong Kong
  • Treatment capacity: 83,000 tons/year of food waste from restaurants and food production facilities

Fréjus Reyran WWTP – Veolia

Picture of the Fréjus Reyran WWTP by Veolia - Biogas Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Systems
  • Located in Fréjus, France
  • 1st site in the Var department to produce and inject green gas into the network
  • MemGas™ system helps injecting 6,000 MWh/year of RNG (biomethane) into the gas grid


Biogas upgrading systems

Moreover, many of our members offer biogas upgrading systems to convert it into biomethane (or renewable natural gas).

AIMAG SSO Facility– Xebec

Picture of the AIMAG SSO Facility by Xebec - Biomethane Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Upgrading Systems

Located at Modena, Italy, the AIMAG SSO facility is one of the first industrial biogas upgrading systems in Italy.

Xebec was able to adapt the standard of their PSA system to meet European and Italian standards, codes and markets. It enabled AIMAG’s customer to deliver the upgrading plant quickly and start injecting biogas into the network.

Glacier Ridge Project – Air Liquide

Picture of the Glacier Ridge Project by Air Liquide - Biomethane Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Upgrading Systems
  • Located in Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
  • Utilizes Air Liquide-owned and patented biogas upgrading systems and their nitrogen removal technology
  • Biomethane production capacity: 500,050 mmBTU/year (147Gwhr/year)

Wisconsin Series – DMT Solutions

Picture of the Wisconsin Series by DMT Solutions - Biomethane Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Upgrading Systems
  • Located in Wisconsin, USA
  • Feedstock: dairy manure
  • Gas injection for all farms goes through one centralized injection point using a virtual pipeline

Enersi Sicilia – IES Biogas

Picture of Enersi Sicilia by IES Biogas -  Biomethane Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Upgrading Systems
  • Located in Caltanisetta, Sicily, Italy
  • Input: organic fraction of municipal solid waste – 36 000 t/year
  • Biomethane used to fuel about 2,550 waste collection vehicles


METHAMOLY, Circular Region – Prodeval

Picture of METHAMOLY, Circular Region by Prodeval - Biomethane Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Upgrading Systems
  • Located at Saint-Denis-sur-Coise, France
  • Local inputs: Manure, agro-industrial and slaughterhouse by-products, food waste, organic waste from supermarkets and sludge
  • RNG utilization: domestic, industrial, mobility

Baudelet Environment Group – Waga Energy

Picture of Baudelet Environment Group by Waga Energy - Biomethane Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Upgrading Systems
  • Located in Blaringhem, France
  • Eco-Parc handles one million tonnes of waste every year
  • Unit capacity: 25 GWh/year


Other biogas and biomethane equipment companies for your plant

Finally, a lot of our members participated in showcasing their equipment such as biogas compressors, biogas analyzers and digester tanks.

Biogas compressors – Clover Hill – BAUER Compressors

Clover Hill Dairy Farm by BAUER Compressors - Biogas Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Compressors

The farm is located in Campbellsport, Wisconsin, USA, and is part of the Wisconsin series by DMT Clear Gas Solutions. The project entails processing biogas feedstock from dairy manure into pipeline quality gas.

BAUER supplied the rotary screw compressors which feeds the biogas conditioning systems at Clover Hill Dairy. The plant capacity is 225 SCFM (360 Nm3/h).

Dairy Biomethane to Pipeline – ANGI

Dairy Biomethane to Pipeline by ANGI - Biogas Equipment Suppliers - Biogas Compressors
  • Located in Midwest, NY & CA, USA
  • Cost-effective compression systems with highly flexible automated output control designed for loading transport trailers at dairy farms
  • Deployment of several systems since 2018

SWG 100 Biogas Analyzers – MRU Instruments

Pictures of the biogas analyzers by MRU Instruments - Biogas Equipment Suppliers
  • Located in California, USA
  • Flexible biogas analyzers able to meet the requirements of the California Resource Board
  • Measure methane (CH4) every 15 minutes


Flagship Digester Tank – Schumann Tanks

Picture of the Flagship Digester Tank project by Schumann Tanks - Biogas Equipment Suppliers - Digester Tanks
  • Located in Korskro, Denmark
  • Size: 7x 2,54M gallon anaerobic digester tanks with 78.44ft of diameter and 69.12ft of height
  • Each digester tank equipped with 1 vertical mixer

Biogas engineering companies– Agriculture and agri-food project – Bahler

Picture of the Agriculture and agri-food research project by Bahler - Biogas engineering companies - Biogas services providers

Located in Lennoxville, QC, Canada, this small-scale project for agriculture and agri-food industry aims to research and establish the feedstock mixes and production processes. The goal is to maximize the production of biogas through treatment of the organic waste. Bahler Biogas was the main technological contributor for this project and is responsible for the supply of equipment, construction and plant commissioning.

Orange County Project – Element Markets

Schema about revenues from RNG thanks to marketing services by Element Markets - Biomethane Services Providers - Biogas Marketing Services
  • Located in Orange County, California
  • Delivers renewable fuel and generates revenue for fleet operator while reducing fleet emissions
  • Simplifies the low carbon transition of fleet operators

To see other successful projects of experienced suppliers, download our Showcase Report 2020 HERE.