Anaerobic digestion global market

By | 2015-06-11

The global market of anaerobic digestion, including the biogas sector, has been growing for several years. As an example, the market in United Kingdom has experienced a growth of 622 % in the past five years with the opening of 100 AD plants in 2014.

The countries demonstrating dynamism in biogas related projects have adopted favorable energy and environmental policies. Renewable electricity prices or landfill bans greatly contribute to the development of anaerobic digestion projects.

Anaerobic digestion global market potential

COUNTRY Current Potential
United Kingdom  7 TWh 80 TWh
United States  2000 plants 13 000 plants
Canada  77 plants 1 800 plants

The global market of equipment in the biogas represented US $4.5 billion in 2013 and is expected to rise to US $7 billion in 2018, a growth of 9.4 % per year.

According to the Canadian biogas association, the potential of biogas plants in Canada is 1,800 facilities with a capital investment of CAN $7 billion and would generate CAN $21 billion for the Canadian economy. In the municipal waste market, an investment of CAN $1.7 billion is estimated. The biogas potential distribution is shown in Figure 1. Anaerobic digestion global market: Biogas Energy production potential by source in Canada

In United States only, the investment required to achieve the maximal potential is US $33 billion.

Wastes to fuels

A solution, already in place for some and considered by many others, is the use of biogas in transport in order to replace diesel engines. The production and use of biomethane (refined biogas) allows the reduction of over 90% greenhouse gases (GHG) in comparison to diesel. In addition to a reduction in GHG and fine particles emissions, the cost of biomethane can be less than diesel but varies greatly across regions and technologies involved.

According to the Canadian Gas Association, the GHG reduction potential through the use of renewable natural gas (biomethane) in Canada is 108.9 Mt CO2 eq./year. As an example, 10% of this potential represents the removal of 2.5 million cars from Canadian roads.Anaerobic digestion global market: GHG Reduction potential in Canada

Finally, the global market for compressed biomethane and natural gas in the transportation is expected to be about US $129 billion in 2020.

Source :  EBAUS EPA, bcc Research, CGA