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Team Biogas® – in an effort to build upon its reputation as the “go to” company for lab, pilot and production scale equipment and lab testing services through the Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN), recently attended the WORLD AG EXPO in Tulare, California.

The WORLD AG EXPO is the largest annual agriculture exposition, and celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. Held in the “Central Valley” of California, the hub of the agriculture industry in California, the WORLD AG EXPO is the platform for the best and brightest in the agriculture industry.

The Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network (ADLTN) participated with an amazing “Biogas Generation Experiment”, featuring a five-liter glass reactor, recirculating thermal temperature control system, real-time data collection and fuel output display. Sue Smith, ADLTN Project Coordinator, told the story of “feedstock to biogas” to several hundred visitors to the booth.

The ADLTN made four detailed presentations to high school seniors in the FFA (Future Farmers of America) program, highlighting the importance of sustainability in agri-business, waste-to-fuel and the importance of STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math) in the future of agriculture in the world.

About Team Biogas®

Team Biogas®, division of SeaHold LLC, is focused on supporting sustainability efforts from organics. Reducing greenhouse gases through renewable energy from organics is possible. We distribute industry leading Branded instruments for both, laboratory and production scale research for studying and increasing biogas production.

We support those concentrating on Anaerobic Digestion and those who convert biogas to biomethane for energy and fuel. Automated, accurate, and reliable measurement of biogas production is our goal.

Supporting anaerobic digestion instrumentation and measurement systems of all sizes is our strength.

As a multi-brand value added distributor, satisfying our customers is our only objective.


Reggie Asbra

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