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Title Supply and Delivery of a Greenhouse Gas Analyzer System
Added on 2019-02-13
Closing Date 2019-02-26
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Description The supply and delivery of a greenhouse gas analyzer system for eddy covariance measurements in remote, solar powered locations in northern Ontario. The system must be capable of the following:
a) measuring CH4, CO2, and H2O fluxes by eddy covariance in a remote location using limited solar power on a year round basis (i.e., temperature range of -25oC to 50oC);
b) have a resolution, detection range, accuracy, and response time capable of performing eddy covariance measurements of CH4, CO2 and H2O flux in ambient air at a minimum of 20 Hz.

Analyzer interface unit(s) are also required to control the proposed CH4 and CO2/H2O analyzers and log the data from both the proposed CH4 and CO2/H2O analyzer(s) and a sonic anemometer and fine wire thermocouples (not part of this procurement).
Organization Environment, Conservation and Parks
Location Ottawa, ON, Canada
Contact Name Jim Karaiskakis