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Title Smart Energy Module for the Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC)
Added on 2019-02-11
Closing Date 2019-04-01
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Description This is not a call for competition. With co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund, the University of Sheffield is establishing a flagship national Translation Energy Research Centre to provide a multi-technology, integrated RD&D platform to bring together a range of energy generation facilities. This will promote research, innovation and demonstration of individual and integrated systems with the purpose of encouraging their uptake. The University of Sheffield is planning to release a tender to procure a smart energy management module for integrated electrical and heat generation and distribution. The module will need to be integrated into a range of onsite facilities to control and monitor the energy flows between them as well as the grid. This would be a key technology to demonstrate how different generation technologies can complement each other in an integrated systems approach.

Equipment covered by the PIN: the new Translation Energy Research Centre will have a range of facilities to significantly expand our current equipment portfolio. We are therefore looking to procure a smart energy module that can be integrated with various systems, including but not limited to: a waste-to-energy combustor, a combined-heat-and-power biomass gasifier, natural gas and biogas turbines/engine, an ORC turbine, solar and other generation with battery storage and an electrolyser for hydrogen generation as well as grid export.
Organization The University of Sheffield
Location Sheffield, United Kingdom
Contact Name Dave Middle
Phone Number +44 1142221560