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Title Demonstration of New Business Models, Marketplace Development and Refurbishment of Existing Qualified Historically Farm-Related Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Systems
Added on 2019-01-18
Closing Date 2019-03-07
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Description PON 3739 includes three categories designed to expand the use of anaerobic digester systems in New York State.

Approximately $7.75M in funding is available under Category A to support one or more portfolios of viable anaerobic digestion projects that demonstrate replicable business models and strategies. These projects should lead to a self-sustaining anaerobic digestion technology marketplace that can continue in the absence of additional NYSERDA funding.

Approximately $250,000 is being made available under Category B to support one or more projects that develop public information to identify and explain opportunities that can bring cost-reduction, revenue-enhancement or other improved capabilities to the anaerobic digestion technology marketplace and, where appropriate, to provide training, guidance, and other coaching support for use of such information.

Approximately $8M is being made available under Category C to support refurbishment of existing historically farm-related ADG-to-electricity systems that achieved commercial operation before January 1, 2015.
Organization NYSERDA
Location New York, NY, United States
Contact Name Stephen Hoyt
Phone Number (518) 862-1090, Ext. 3587