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Biogas Training Course



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From 2022-07-04 to 2022-07-08

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Biogas is an economical and ecological source of energy.






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Biogas Training Course
July 4-8, 2022

Joaquín Reina Hernández - BGasTech - Biogas & Gases Technologies 
Dr. Industrial Engineer
Chemical Process Engineer

Aimed at : Technical personnel related to the design, installation and operation of biogas collection/cleaning facilities and use of biogas. Chemical, Mechanical, and Energy Engineers within the renewable energy sector. Objectives: Provide personnel related to the design, installation, and operation of biogas collection/cleaning facilities with basic knowledge of the equipment, facilities, and machines involved in said activity. 

1. Construction characteristics and parts of the biogas collection and cleaning installation,  
2. Equipment and machinery for the biogas line in Landfills and WWTPs and their differences.
3. Operating characteristics of the catchment installation.
4. Cleaning technologies applied to biogas
5. Technological models for cleaning biogas.
6. Current technologies for the production of RNG from biogas.

Duration: 10 hours
Course modality: Theoretical
Course cost:  €200 (150 for BiogasWorld members)

Phone: +34 934142020
+34 717120104

Biogas & Gas Technologies. (BGasTech)

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