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European Biogas Conference 2022



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From 2022-10-25 to 2022-10-26

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The European Biogas Conference 2022 will take place from 25 to 26 October 2022 at BluePloint, Brussels.






European Biogas Association is pleased to announce that the European Biogas Conference 2022 will take place from 25 to 26 October in Brussels. Get ready by earmarking your agenda with this early save the date and share the news with those who, like you, should not miss this conference!

Why should you attend this conference?
The huge potential of the renewable gas sector becomes more apparent year after year. Combined biogas and biomethane production in 2020 amounted to 191 TWh. The industry is scaling-up and it could cover up to 30-40% of the EU gas consumption by 2050, with an estimated production volume of at least 1,000 TWh. Yet, the sector will need relevant legislative support and investments in the coming years to harness its full potential.

Biogas and biomethane production is scalable, and also cost-competitive. Producers of biogas and biomethane are currently rewarded almost exclusively for the renewable energy they produce. However, the production of these green gases brings a range of other benefits for our society which is now undervalued and should be adequately assessed.

The EBA Conference 2022 will put particular emphasis on showcasing the scalability and cost-competitiveness of biogas and biomethane discussing with policy-makers, industry representatives, market experts and researchers active in the implementation of the energy transition and the circular economy.

Get the chance to learn the development trends of the biogas and biomethane industries and engage in the discussions that will shape the future of our sector.

Key topics for discussion
- National perspectives on the implementation of REPowerEU and National energy and climate plans (NECPs)
- Decarbonising the EU economy, transport, and building
- Investing in the biomethane value chain
- Driving the energy and agroecological transition
- Developing circular solutions and innovations

Some good reasons to join us…
- Get 1st hand information on the latest developments of biogas and biomethane in all EU territories
- Exchange knowledge and expertise on the scalability and affordability of biomethane
- Discuss with high-level stakeholders the legislative support that our sector needs from EU  policy-makers

Who will be there?
- High-level stakeholders from the renewable gas industry.
- Representatives from key areas for the development of our industry, including the transport and agrobusiness sectors.
- Researchers and academia working on innovative renewable gas technologies to develop our industry.
- Influential policy-makers for our sector in Europe.