Biogaz Europe 2018

37th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals



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From 2022-05-11 to 2022-05-13

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The largest gas conference in Central and Southeast Europe






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11 – 13 May, 2022, Opatija, Croatia

The 37th edition of the largest gas conference & exhibition in Southeast Europe will cover a series of current topics important for the gas and energy industry which will determine development of the natural gas market in the near future:

1. Current Situation and Trends on the Natural Gas Market, Gas Price and Future Expectations 

2. Natural Gas as a Second, Reliable and Clean Pillar of the Energy Transition, alongside Renewables

3. Extensive Gas Infrastructure with the Right Policy Framework and Innovation will Play a Key Role in Establishing Fully Decarbonised and Reliable Energy System

4. Decarbonising of the Future Gas and LNG Value Chain - Challenges, Costs and Opportunities

5. GAS 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities of Smart Technologies, Innovations and Digital Transformation in the Gas Sector in a Decarbonising Era

6. Development Potentials of LNG Terminals and Their Role in the Future European Gas Infrastructure 

7. Development of Sustainable Transportation Powered by Gas

8. Issues Related to Transport, Distribution, Storage and Consumption of Gas in Terms of Ensuring the Efficient, Safe and Low-Carbon Gas System 

9. Legislation, Technical Regulations, Rules of the Profession and Consumer Rights in the Gas Sector 

10. POSTER SESSION: Issues Related to the Gas and Energy Industry

The conference will be followed by the largest exhibition of gas equipment and technology in Southeast Europe, which will bring together several dozens of local and foreign exhibitors, mainly manufacturers and dealers of gas equipment, as well as many other renowned companies and companies already present in the gas market.

This event is also an excellent opportunity for all participants in the gas market to commercially present their companies or organizations and it also serves as a unique place to establish contacts with key energy policymakers in Croatia, the leaders of prominent Croatian and European energy companies, producers and dealers of gas equipment, gas distributors and representatives of local and international research institutions.

SECURE YOUR COMPANY'S PARTICIPATION at the leading gas and LNG conference and exhibitions in SE Europe! 

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