Biogaz Europe 2018

Biogas Profitability Boost Forum



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From 2022-01-27 to 2022-01-28

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The Biogas Profitability Boost Forum will gather the industry leading experts from Europe 27-28 January 2022.






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Various climate and energy policies and targets, and the introduction of support schemes for promoting the utilization of renewable sources are driving the renewable energy production and have encouraged the development of biogas sector in the EU.

Biogas and biomethane production in Europe has been on the constant rise in the last couple of years, with this trend picking up the pace even more recently. Presently dominated by a model based on energy crops and high feed-in tariffs and governmental support for local production of electricity, it is notable that there is shift towards the use of organic waste and industrial byproducts as primary feedstocks, and the biogas is being upgraded to biomethane and used for various applications.

However, in spite of its high existing potential, biogas and biomethane production is still low in many European countries and this potential is largely unused. 

The Biogas Profitability Boost Forum will gather the industry leading experts from Europe on 27-28 January 2022, to discuss the best practices, strategic approaches, share experiences and know-how, and identify the business opportunities that lie in the European biogas and biomethane market segment.

Key Topics

- EU policy framework and local government support instrumental in rising biogas production  Scaling up production and cost optimization
- Biomass pretreatment methods and other factors affecting AD process
- Opportunities for biogas production in the agriculture sector
- Upgrading biogas to biomethane, which method is the best for you?
- Application of biogas in CHP systems
- Perspectives and challenges of biomethane injection into the natural gas networks  Integrating biomethane in the transport sector
- Cross border biogas trading opportunities
- Digestate and CO2 valorization into added value products

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