Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership ABLC2021 Conference

Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership ABLC2021 Conference


When:  From: 2021-10-27 to 2021-10-29

Where: San Francisco, United States

Event language: English

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    ABLC is a connected series of 6 conferences and 16 events in total on the most important issues in the Bioeconomy right now. These conferences-within-a-conference are

    1. The Advanced Biofuels Summit including new markets and technologies for renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuels and advanced alcohols. 

    2. The Renewable Chemicals & Biomaterials Summit including new markets and technologies for advanced packaging, novel high-performance fibers and chemicals. 

    3. The Advanced Agriculture Summit yield improvement, new crops, international deployment of technology, new sources of income and the role of robotics, genetics, big data, remote sensing, mobility and new tools for crop protection through early detection & spot treatment against pests, parasites, competitors and disease. The Summit will examine sustainable crop protection, novel feedstocks, supply chain development, the return of platforms such as hemp and hemp-based CBD, the rise of protein production for animal and human nutrition, and opportunities for vegan technologies. 

    4. The Advanced Nutrition Summit advanced products and technologies for human and animal nutrition more food, better food, and more customer choice. 

    5. The Sustainable Aviation Summit with the onset of global low carbon CORSIA standards for aviation, the prospects for technology development, project deployment and offtake in heavy-duty air transport. 

    6. The Biogas & RNG Summit agricultural, food, municipal, forest and animal wastes are being captured for conversion into renewable natural gas for stationary and transport applications its the fastest growing ABLC sector, who are the players, the markets, what are the feedstocks, the economics and technologies? 

    In addition to the 7 conferences, there will be 10 special events, forums and workshops: The Investor & Finance Workshop on capital trends The Industry Horizons Forum The ABLC Due Diligence Wolfpack The annual Hot Party celebrating the HOT 50, and industry innovation and achievement The annual State of the Industry address ABLC Structured Networking throughout the event for new and returning delegates The ABLC Keynotes The Holmberg Lifetime Achievement Award The ABLC Global Leadership Award & Address The Bioeconomy Policy Forum The Bioenergy R&D Programs Plenary Forum.

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