DiBiCoo RSA Local Stakeholder Workshop 2

DiBiCoo RSA Local Stakeholder Workshop 2


When: 2021-10-20

Where: Online - Webinar, South Africa

Event language: English

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    With an increasing interest by businesses to explore and use biogas and other bioenergy technologies to secure and reduce the energy demand, improve water efficiency and reduce and beneficiate their waste streams generated. There comes an increasing need for establishing financing mechanisms to support these projects.

    However, the majority of stakeholders do not know where and when to look for funding for biogas projects and often get discouraged because their timing may not have been correct, or they approached the wrong funder.
    This workshop will share the "Identifying of financing options for biogas projects” report. This South African report is a part of the EU Horizon 2020 funded Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) project which will assist attendees in gaining a better understanding of the financing options available to the biogas project landscape. Join us as we deep dive into the biogas landscape and gain a better understanding of the current financing landscape potential for biogas and provide practical examples on identifying finance for a biogas project.

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