Biogaz Europe 2018

Biogas #HANDS ON



Event Date

From 2021-10-19 to 2021-11-04

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The Convenience of Online Trainings Meets the Interaction of Live Events






Instead of meeting in a class room, we’ll conduct everything online! We’re also spliting this event into 12 unique modules.
And you can book every module individually, according to your needs and interests.

That means you either “pick and choose” from the available modules, as if you’re on a “all you can eat” buffet…
Or you book the entire training for a big discount, saving 60%+ compared to the individual modules.

This event features two days of biogas training per week, Tuesday and Thursday.
That means you don’t have to dedicate an entire week to it, but can stay on top of your other responsibilities. 
You’ll get the in-depth experience of our live biogas trainings combined with the ease of attending an event from the comfort of your home.

The first day of the event will be Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, and the final module will take place Thursday, November  4th, 2021.

By enrolling into this online training, you’ll get:

- Insight into the world of biogas from the perspective of the country with the longest biogas history – Germany
- Access to all presentations of your booked module through a shared folder (as released by the speakers)
- Access to hundreds of pages of additional biogas literature through the shared folder
- Recordings of each module you attended for you to review, play back and take notes, in case you missed a specific lecture or subject (as released by the speaker)
- Exclusive insight into the most advanced biogas technologies
- Your own, personalized and signed participation certificate
- 30 minutes of personal Q&A on November fourth.

For more information on registration and participation, please visit: