Enabling the Circular Economy for Recovered Nutrients

Enabling the Circular Economy for Recovered Nutrients


When: 2021-05-27 From : 01:30 PM TO 03:30 PM

Where: Online - Webinar, United Kingdom

Event language: English

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    Recovering valuable nutrients from biowaste (food waste, manure, sewage sludge etc.) and adapting them for reuse in agriculture, is fundamental part of shifting European agriculture away from its current linear model and an integral part of the New Circular Economy Action plan.

    Experience from the H2020 SYSTEMIC project has shown that the major barrier to the uptake of nutrient recovery and reuse (NRR) is the lack of a market for the recovered products, thereby hindering the financial viability of nutrient recovery and reuse in Europe.

    Much progress has taken place over the past months to move this agenda forward, most notably the Fertilising Products Regulation and the SAFEMANURE study and RENURE report linked to the Nitrates Directive. And whilst there remains much work to do on both these policies, things are moving in the right direction. However, this will not be enough.

    In this workshop, the H2020 project SYSTEMIC aims to bring together experts and practitioners in the field of NRR and those working on the advancement of the New Circular Economy Action Plan to discuss what else needs to be done to create an enabling policy framework for the advancement of NRR in Europe.

    About H2020 Systemic

    SYSTEMIC is a project funded under the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation H2020 for the period 2017-2021. SYSTEMIC recognises Europe’s challenge to tackle the increasing resources constraint and to facilitate the transition towards a more circular economy (COM,2015-614). SYSTEMIC addresses these needs by identifying systemic innovation approaches to recover and recycle valuable mineral components from organic waste streams into new products and to integrate them optimally into a local or regional circular economy.

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