Biogas PowerON 2021

Biogas PowerON 2021


When: 2021-09-01

Where: Copenhagen, Denmark

Event language: English

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    Recently implemented European regulations aim at making Europe carbon neutral until 2050. A vital component for reaching the 2050 goal is to promote green energy across all the industries. Gases like biomethane, bio-LNG, bio-CNG and syngas have increased potential for becoming the main drivers for greener future. Thus, this year we would like to emphasize their role in decarbonization of transport and energy sectors. 

    The event is set to bring industry stakeholders, unique content, workshop style discussions and networking. Gives an opportunity to showcase your products and services in the networking area and hold meetings with leaders from the industry.

    Key topics: 
    • Latest European regulations and policies
    • Future of biogas market
    • COVID-19 impact on the market and demand
    • Biogas production and its contribution to climate protection
    • Scaling up biogas production – challenges & opportunities
    • Gas & energy industry – together for greener future
    • Latest technological advancements in the industry
    • Alternatives for decarbonizing transport – bio-LNG, bio-CNG or other?
    • Commercial scale biogas plants case studies
    • Feedstock for biogas production – sustainability challenges
    • Enhancements in transportation and storage

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